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Jake Culpeeper's Cattle Company
5923 Osage Beach Pkwy
Osage Beach, MO 65065



Jake Culpeeper's is now completely smoke-free!


You’re about to arrive in the west!  Step into Jake Culpeepers – The Steak Place.  We can talk about the 115 year old bar and vast array of turn of the century antiques from an old telephone booth to slot   machines, even items you may have seen on American  Pickers.  But you’re here to enjoy our hand cut, chargrilled steaks! And the fried green beans, and the prairie twigs and flat rocks and sooo much more.

We take pleasure in preparing homemade pickles, steak and bbq sauces ,  bacon ranch dressing, cheddar biscuits,  chocolate pie. You get the idea, homemade goodness.!
Not a steak lover, we’ll treat you right with fish, as in catfish and shrimp, salmon and trout,   chicken or a one inch thick cut pork chop, sandwiches too.   Prime Rib is featured on Saturday Nights. 

Here at Jake's we offer family friendly dining with a special kid's menu featuring all the kids favorites including some specialty kids drinks. We are also ready and capable to take care of your party needs from in house gatherings to catered dinners. We have 2 private dinning rooms for the smaller groups, up to 12 people each, or can seat up to 35 people in our dining room for a semi private setting. All great for your card playing group, bible group, office parties, and much more. The cost of reserving any of these is free of charge, there is no additional fee. Bring your family, bring your friends and enjoy a delicious dinner at Jake's - the lake's Steak Place!!

Happy Hour Daily 4 - 6 PM

Don't miss our full-service bar, highlighted by a 115 year-old Rothchild back bar.


  1. To begin, we buy high grade meat, mainly Angus, sometimes Hereford, from nationally ranked packers, more specifically USDA choice or better and primal or block. That means we can cut and trim our beef for maximum tenderness and flavor.

  2. We employ some really great people to prepare and serve our steaks. Chef Mike Atwell, one of the most venerable chefs at the Lake, hand cuts and ages our steaks. Chef Brian Weber, who attended culinary school in Springfield, MO, prepares and supervises the grill. The "old wolf" and the "young pup" working together.

  3. We use the finest equipment available. Our grill is super hot and quickly "seals" the natural juices of the steak. This special grill also uses native green oak in the cooking process to deliver a smoked flavor to the meat. We use our own special rub to further enhance the flavor. Our steaks receive rave reviews from our guests.


A "craft beer" is a term used for beer made in small handcrafted quantities, much like the "crafts" that folks make in their homes and sell locally. So, unlike Miller, Budweiser and other brands merchandised both nationally and internationally, craft beers are produced in small quantities and finished to cater to a more local taste.

The beers that Crusty, our barkeep, has chosen to be featured at Jake's encompass a wide degree of malts, hops and barley, combined with fresh ingredients to give you a new taste experience. Jake's serves as many as eight of these beers by the tap, and others by the bottle.

So, if you want something "new and different" … spend some time in the saloon and let us introduce you to our newest "craft", Jake's is the destination for craft beers at the Lake! Oh, Miller, Bud and Coors ... yeah, we got those, too!

Prime Rib Dinner Every Saturday Night



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